Go Paperless.

Enroll 123 is a web based technology platform that helps businesses improve their margins by applying technology to make very important but often tedious HR related tasks a whole lot easier and more efficient.

We address the pain associated with the HR paperwork process by digitizing critical areas to simplify the administration of employee benefits and other areas of employee management.

In doing so, we provide small and mid-sized businesses with a digital HR tool kit that enables clients to unlock business value through cost savings, a significant reduction in time spent processing paperwork as well as the elimination of mountains of hours spent following-up on benefit and payroll related tasks.


94.7% of employees are asking for what Enroll 123 is providing


Less tangible but equally important, Enroll 123 enhances company communications, culture and morale by providing its clients with the tools to create a more informed and empowered employee base.

This combination of capabilities enables Enroll 123 to help HR deliver more value to their organizations while also helping organizations without HR realize the significant benefits of our web based HR tools.

At Enroll 123, we’re in the business of helping businesses invest in people, not paperwork.